VLOG // The M. Circle P.1

Okayyy ladies - and men too! - I need to confess something. Something that needs to get out of my body. Just discovered it. It could make a great difference in the M. Circle and you absolutely need to be in the loop about it! Okay. (Deep breath) Actually, wondering what this M stands for? [...]

VLOG // Weekly Rejuvenating Routine

Ever wanted to nail the natural look being actual naturally beautiful? I may not have the solution for you - not gonna pretend that I know everything, but simply sharing what I do on a weekly basis to rejuvenate my skin and get that natural glow!

SFW // Meet Up with Ageselao

Something very interesting is happening right now in Montreal: the Start up Fashion Week! For the occasion, I got to meet one-on-one with the designer of Ageselao, an urban and functional streetwear brand. Check it out!

SFW // Meet Up with Hatchi Design

Something very interesting is coming up in June in Montreal. From June 20th to June 22nd, it's the Start up Fashion Week! Normally held in Toronto, Canada; this year they decided to switch metropolis and to jump to the Montreal market. Because - hell yes - Montreal is indeed a very stylish city!

Nice Body, No Budget

Maintaining a social life, school/work and being healthy can easily become a challenge. Then, what about keeping our body toned without spending all our time or money on it? That's something I'm 100% for!

[VIDEO] Party Without Gaining Weight!

So, exams are over, the sun has started to shine, it's soon terrace season! Mojitos, sangrias, pool parties YAY! BUT how can I (and you) enjoy all of those without worrying about gaining weight? Let me tell you what I do to avoid this!

[BLOG] 4 Weird Signs of Stress

Do you happen to know my dearest friend Stress? Ugh, obviously. So, it's no secret; we all know the typical signs of stress like being tired, being irritable, not being able to focus. Yet, I have discovered 4 weird signs of stress on my body when my mind doesn't want to accept it. Let me tell you about it and what I do to fix this.


Failing. Defeated. Lost. The list could go on and on. Not reaching our goal is unfortunately a reality in life. I've been through it recently and I've struggled, even now, to be fully 100% over it. What should I do? What do you recommend?

Food for Thoughts: Bringing Ourselves Down

I recently realized that I was putting myself down. Why? Why do we keep doing it? And how can something so "trivial" affect us that much?